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Vasileios Mylonas

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MSc Behavioral Economist &

Performance Advertising Expert

Vasilis Mylonas

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Rocking my sector from a young age I combine the constant thirst for knowledge with a huge hands-on experience. Which have lead me to have more than 850 certifications, various Seminar, Conference, Workshop and Course attendances, that gave me my various specializations , fed my multifarious personality and produced my rare way of thinking.

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I do a lot of research and never stop reading, monitoring and studying a lot of data because it’s my commitment to deliver the best results to my projects.

Unique Studies

Behavioral Economics.

Put the insights and effects of psychological, cognitive, emotional, cultural and social factors into your companies strategies and way of doing things.

By the means of observation, research and interviews we can form and test hypotheses that can provide a great edge towards ones competition.

Great Mindset

Growth & Sustanability.

Use all the tools that economics offer us such as regressions, A/B and multivariate tests, but also research, and segmentation.

In the mean time Growth Marketing is an upcoming field that is gaining more populatiry by the minute since 2014. It contains the best ways (or hacks) in order to produce the best results.

Free Performance Marketing Score.

What I do.

I am a highly motivated professional, enthusiastic and goal-driven, always eager to move my knowledge further, giving extra time and consideration to everything I do. I sharpen my knowledge with a lot of research and constant learning, for new ways, tools and ideas.


Utilizing most advertising channels to get the most appropriate audience to behave in the most desirable way fro your Brand.


Behavioral, Product (UI, UX and Conversion Rate), SEO, Performance Advertising and general Marekting Approach.


Getting your results broken down from your properties is greatly important in order to get the most impactfull insights.

(Re-) Branding.

Getting your Brand the Recognition and Top of mindness it deserves, even when altering your image, name or any other element.

Growth Hacking.

Implementing the best practices marketing has to offer, new tools and ways, but above all constant experimentation.


In both the Netherlands and Greece main contents included: Business, Performance Advertisinng, Behavioral Economics, etc.

"Life is like Google, you just need to know what you are searching for."

Performance Advertising


Knowledge is wasted if not applied or shared.

I have been teaching a plethora of subjects in both Greek and English, in Greece and in the Netherlands.

Some of the subjects include, but are not limited to: Business Management, Business Planning, E-commerce, Behavioral Economics, Marketing and Performance Advertising (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, and Quora Ads).

Some of the Brands I have Helped

Throughout the journey of my career so far, I had the pleasure of being involved in many great projects, for big clients and have a key role in their marketing strategy and growth. Thus my portfolio includes more than 148 brands like, running ads and conducting SEO in more than 50 countries, for clients like:
Abbott, Aegean Taxi, Attica, Audi, Cardlink, Coca-Cola, Commit Global, Ducati, Frico, Friesland Campina, Friso, ING, Kinfo, Kryptowire, Lidl, Masoutis, MediaMarkt, Nestle, Pixofix, Revolut, Solgar, SoStronk, The Burger Joint, Tommy Hilfinger, Forky, Useberry.

What others think of me

People around are the most valuable thing to me so this is just a small representation of what they think of me. Of course if they said something bad I wouldn’t have included it.  Just kidding I love constructive critisism.

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